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Video to DVD Transfer: Why DVD?

DVDs have ideal characteristics for the long haul. DVDs never wear out, so they can be played millions of times without losing any quality. DVD data is digital, so copies are exactly the quality same as the original. DVD video data is the format of the future and is not in jeopardy of becoming a lost format. The Library of Congress and National Archives Service use DVD and CD for long term storage. So should you.

The great advantages that DVD has to offer:

If properly cared for a DVD will last long period and the quality will be as good as it is the first time you watch it, which is why transferring your video footage to DVD is the smart way to preserve, protect, and organize your memories.

Instead of fast-forwarding or rewinding tapes to a specific spot in your video, a DVD lets you skip right to a specific point, bypassing all of the video in between. The DVD Menu has "Chapters" which are places where you want to be able to skip to, usually a new scene or event. By pressing the Menu button on your DVD players remote, you can access chapter points and move to the exact spot within your video that you want to watch.
It does not matter what part or section of the video you want to watch, with DVD you will be able to locate and find the right clip within seconds.

Video Quality
DVD delivers excellent video quality. While a normal VHS tape only offers 200-300 vertical lines of resolutions, a DVD allows a full 480 lines of vertical resolution and an amazing 540 lines of horizontal resolution . This means that your picture is much sharper and more detailed.
Never before have your memories been able to be viewed at such incredible quality!

Audio Quality
DVD provides high quality audio for a more enjoyable listening experience.
The audio files contained on a DVD have the ability to be transcoded into the Dolby Digital audio format.

Storage Space
DVD is an ideal solution when it comes to storage space. They are the same size as a CD and come contained in an individual case. This allows the DVD to remain protected from scratches and is very easy to store.

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Our final DVD is NTSC all zone format. You can play it on North America DVD players and computers.

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