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Mini DVD to full size DVD transfer

We transfer Mini DVD disks to regular DVD. We can combine a few Mini DVD onto a single DVD (up to 2 hours video in total).

Our Mini DVD disk to DVD transfer services:
VHS to DVD We transfer Mini DVD-R, Mini DVD+R, Mini DVD-RW, Mini DVD+RW formats
cheap prices for VHS to DVD transferring $9.95 for each Mini DVD
recovery service We can recover your corrupted Mini DVD disk. Recovery service is $29.95 per each Mini DVD

Do you know?..

MiniDVD (Mini DVD or miniDVD) is an 80 mm diameter DVD disc. In normal recording (standard DVD quality), it holds 30 minutes of video or 1.4 GB of data. Under SLP mode, comparable to VHS quality, it can hold 120 minutes of video. It was developed for use in camcorders, but unlike its full-sized 120 mm counterpart, it cannot be played back in most DVD players.

MiniDVDs (80 mm) are known also as "3 inch DVDs," referring to their approximate diameter in inches.

Mini DVD to full size DVD transfer