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> I have picked up the tapes and DVDs. Looks like all are present and accounted for, ty! I've had time to look at 1 and it looks great! I am soooooo pleased!!
Cristy S / January 20, 2010
> Thanks! Excellent follow up and service.
Patrick F / January 14, 2010
> thanks, we know we will enjoy it. It was 21 years ago and we had a hard time finding someone who can convert it. They no longer have beta players.
We will tell our friends too. I'm sure they have some important videos they store.
Tess M / December 8, 2009
> I have my tapes and new DVDs at home now..and have just finished watching one of them. It's wonderful - and the DVD photo covers turned out great!
Thank you again..I have already started my collection for my next order..on tape #2.
Liane B/ June 19, 2009
> Thank you, I have it.
As I said, if I have any more tapes for conversion I will send them your way.
thanks for all your effort,
Tim C/ June 23, 2009
> I have picked up the DVD and have reviewed it. Looks good. Thanks for the good service. I will keep you in mind.
Gerry W / May 8, 2009
> Hi there: Yes, I received my order and everithing was fine. Nice job
Roberto F / March 30, 2009
> It was a pleasure dealing with you. I have had a look at the first one and it looks great. This is something I have wanted to do for some time. I actually rented a big camera for the first 5 years and I am very glad I did.

... We watched the first video on the weekend. It looks great. My 2 girls would like their own sets...
George A / March 17, 2009
> Hello again,
I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you folks for everything. I picked up the dvd's last Saturday and I've watched all of them and the picture & sound quality is really good. Thank you for doing a great job in transferring my home movies!
Terry B / March 1, 2009
> Thank you very much. I am pleased with the results. You will be hearing from me again in the near future.
Nick D / February 26, 2009
> Already received, thank you for a great service, we are very pleased with the tape quality.
Davor O / December 18, 2008
> I used your service a few weeks ago and I thought that you did your business very well. I work for a ballet school and I need to get a batch of VHS's onto DVD, and I was wondering if you could give me a quote...
Larissa T / September 26, 2008
> Hi, I have now had a chance to open and view our first DVD transfer. It looks great! And though I thought the image for the front of the CD would be just a minor thing, I really love it!! It adds a great touch.

I will get myself organized and plan to send you my other mini DVs to transfer to DVDs. I would like to find digital images for their covers too.
Liane B / November 3, 2008
> I was able to find MyDVD online and at first was reluctant to try it.

But after viewing the website and emailing with questions, MyDVD made me feel confidant that my one and only wedding video would be handled safely and securely, so I decided to mail them the tapes and within a week, it was ready and securely mailed back to me!

Also, thanks for putting one of my wedding photos as a label, it looks great!

I�ve sent another set of tapes to be converted into a DVD!

I�ve also referred MyDVD to others so they can convert their memories from tapes to DVD.

Thanks for calming my insecurities!
Cindy-Holland Landing, ON- 9/18/08
> Thanks for the constant updates, your level of communication is really appreciated. Doing business with you was a real pleasure.
Ken B / July 15, 2008
> yes, package received! Working great
Thank you very much, I am very satisfied with the service.
Jon-Erik L / July 12, 2008
> I picked up the DVD today and have begun using it. Excellent work. Thank you for completing the job so quickly! I will definitely be calling on you again.
Matthew P / July 11, 2008
> Hi,...
would just like to thank you for the quick service, you guys are great!
Tajana L / July 4, 2008
> Thank you very much. I received the DVD's today and they are perfect! The happy couple will be thrilled when they return from their honeymoon!
Andrea B / June 23, 2008
> Hi there.
I just received a group of DVD's last week, they're great thanks.
Lisa B / June 10, 2008
> Hi,...
Just to confirm, we received the package yesterday. We finally could watch our wedding video the first time after four years. The quality of the transfer is great even on the HD tv.
Thank you very much for helping us preserve those beautiful memories!
Zsolt O / June 4, 2008
> i received my tapes today
nice work
it looks as if you enhanced the video quality
and also added an anti shake program and maybe somehow you improved the quality
i am curious as to what you did ?
because i have more tapes to send for conversion
many thanks
Nick K / June 3, 2008
> THANK you so much! I appreciate your quick work.
I LOVE the way you put the labels on the DVD's! Thanks again!
Brian M / May 27, 2008
> ... I want to thank everyone at My DVD studio for the great job you did on my recent Video-8 tape to DVD conversion - the speed of your service and the quality of the transfer to DVD were great!
Rachel F / May 29, 2008
> Thank You... you guys have been great. I would use you in future if anything comes up i need done that requires your services and would recommend u as well. Thanks again
Dave B / May 22, 2008
> thank you very much for our DVDS!!! We are very happy about them, and look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Holly A / May 13, 2008
> Hello...
I know you mentioned that you did not do any editing... but I must thank you for cueing up the DVD transfer perfectly. The person I had them made for is extremely moved and he would like me to pass on his deepest gratitude.
Very satisfied customers,
Eric C and Martin A / April 11, 2008
> I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for your quick service! The DVD's turned out perfect! I will definitely use you again AND pass your name on!
Heather P / Feb 20, 2008
> wow, thsi is the greates customer service I ever experiencved (I already say this to you before and I repeat it now:-)
... Thanks so much for doing such a great job... I have your email and name on my list and when I need more CDs duplicated or some other work... I know where you are:-)
Nick C / Jan 21, 2008
> Thanks so much for your help. I�ll pass your name on to friends and colleagues. It�s a great service you provide.
Sue S / Dec 10, 2007
> Everything is fine - I receive it. You can drop the copies.
The DVDs are excellent!
Thank you very much for this perfect service!
Christoph S / Nov 28, 2007
> I got the disk in the mail today, I went over the file - its great. Thank you and your staff for the quick turnaround and the quality work,
Elliot J / Nov 23, 2007
> I received the 2 copies....just played one and it's great. Nice graphic on the DVD....I'll use you guys again and promote you to all my friends. Thanks....
Jim W / Oct 28, 2007
> The work you did so far is great!! We only watched a bit last night but I�m really pleased with the quality (and with the service too!). I will heartily recommend you guys to friends.
Steve H
> I received today, and watched it - looks great! thank you for your help...
Ilana C
> Thanks so much for your support on this order. The work is excellent, and I appreciate you expediting this order in time for me to hand these out as Christmas presents.
Thanks again so much.
Arnold M
> WOW!!!! That was SUPER QUICK. I will most certainly recommend you to my friends who are in need of your conversion services.
I have also told people at my office about the excellent service provided by you and that if they have any tapes that need to be converted, that MyDVD Studio is the one stop shop for all their conversion needs.
> PERFECT! Thanks so much for the speedy service!! I am going to gather my VHS films over the next few weeks to convert to DVD as well...will let you know when they're ready!
Teri B


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