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About Videotapes

Tape is a great medium to shoot film on but a poor way to store video. Any videotapes have an expiration date. Tape heads wear on the tape during every viewing and chemical processes are at work destroying your tape every day, even while it sits on the shelf. Things like temperature, dust, and time all play a part in the deterioration of your videotapes. Tapes as little as 10 years old could be in serious jeopardy from wear, disintegration, and magnetic fields.

The colors and images have faded and the picture is a little snowy. Or worse, the picture is unwatched and the sound garbled.

We preserve your irreplaceable video by converting them to DVD. We convert all standard tape formats - Mini DV, VHS, S-VHS, VHS compact, 8mm & Hi8 and more.

Don't Wait Too Long... Since tapes continue to lose quality over time, and because even a simple static shock can erase large portions of a videotape instantly, we strongly recommend preserving your video NOW, while the quality is the best. Once your tapes are converted to DVD, the images, sound and quality will remain unchanged for the life of the matter how often it's played.


Don't use LP/EP mode recording for valuable video! The video quality suffers dramatically for LP/EP mode!

Transfer your old videotapes to DVD