US COVID-19 Deaths

The US currently has the world’s highest number of deaths from Covid-19, with 21,692 losing their lives to the virus as of Sunday afternoon. Americans will continue to die in huge numbers until our nation mounts a coherent response to the epidemic. The US still lacks even a basic plan for controlling the outbreak and restarting the market.

It takes just a simple comparison of the US’ death toll with that of Asian nations to comprehend the scale of the Trump government’s failure. The US currently has about 62 deaths per million people. Meanwhile, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan have less than one death per million; and China, South Korea and Singapore have every under 5 deaths per million. India, too, took decisive actions, using a complete national lockdown starting on March 24, when there still was just 10 deaths in a country of 1.3 billion people. As of now, India has just 289 reported deaths, or 0.2 cases per million, and the hospitals aren’t jammed with patients as in the US.

Unlike these Asian nations, Trump failed to prepare for the pandemic after the alarm bells went off. He continued to make light of the high risks, stating that everything was under control.

Many European countries also failed to act in a timely manner and some have death rates per million which are higher than in the usa. The United Kingdom, under Prime Minister Boris Johnson, dithered rather than acted — and now has one of Europe’s worst trajectories, while the Prime Minister himself landed in the ICU. In Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro was in denial since the outbreak grows.

Trump, meanwhile, repeatedly fails to place public health specialists truly from the lead. He dismisses the rudiments of basic public health and appears to see the outbreak in political and electoral as opposed to public health terms. As usual, he blames others for his own catastrophic failings.

Trump’s most recent target of attack is that the World Health Organization (WHO), which plays an integral role in helping governments around the world to fight this disease. This is what Trump tweeted February 24:”The Coronavirus is very much under control in the united states. We are in touch with everybody and all relevant states.

His hyper-partisan and reckless allies in Congress follow his lead, calling for the US to cut off funds to WHO in the middle of the pandemic. It’s tough to think of a more shameful policy which would put an end to some semblance of US international responsibility. These Congressmen have a duty to their suffering constituents, not to some reckless president. They ought to be focusing on the unfolding disaster in the home, instead of being agents of Trump’s propaganda.

All nations had access to the exact same information at precisely the exact same time. Why did the Asian nations triumph while the US and many in Europe failed so badly? The solution is federal leadership and public health preparation, not the WHO, that was reporting to all countries at the exact same time and in precisely the identical way. An obvious reality is that WHO is only 1 source of information to the US and other countries. The US has its own pros, legions of them.

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