Understanding Veterinary Services

Caring for pets not only involves feeding them, loving them and making sure that they have a roof above their heads but it also ensures that their health care needs are well taken care of.  For efficient healthcare, you require the help of a reputable veterinary clinic.  If you’re in Memphis, then we are your preferred vet owing to our skillset and wealth of experience.  However, what exactly do we need to offer and why if you consider partnering with us?

Pet Wellness Plans

Pet wellness plans offer many different preventive services for all types of pets. There is one great pet wellness clinic in Memphis (which essentially means veterinarian clinic) that is worth visiting. These solutions include routine blood work to screen for a variety of conditions, head to tail health checks, vaccinations, fecal tests, flea and worm preventive materials and parasite eradication.  These health plans can be serviced either annually or monthly and include various packages depending on the size of the pet and the area of care required.  In addition, we offer senior pet health programs to make certain that the elderly pets are given the special treatment they desire as a consequence of their advanced age.

Why should you use our health programs?  To begin with, our wellness plans are a cost-effective strategy to make sure your pet gets routine medical check-ups and care.  It’s also a good method to track the progress of your pets particularly the ones that could have other medical conditions.  Second, we’ve got an assortment of applications to cater to the needs of different pet owners and so you just have to choose the package that works for you and your pet.  Third, our services are delivered by professional, highly skilled and experienced vets and team members.  In addition, we’ve got experts who consult and handle several conditions as and when they appear.  Our friendly staff ensures that all of your questions are properly answered and you get upgrades, where need be, on a regular basis. Our intent is to collaborate with your household in order to ensure your pet gets the best care throughout the year.

Spaying and Neutering Services

 These procedures can be done upon adoption or rescue of pets or once they’ve sired the desired variety of litters.  In addition to preventing unwanted reproduction, the processes could increase the lifespan of the pets and can prevent excessive drifting among them.

Medical Boarding Services

Stage Road Animal Hospital also offers pet medical boarding services and facilities for pets who have undergone surgical procedures and are still in recovery or those that may have pre-existing medical conditions such as seizures and diabetes.  These facilities can also be utilized by pet owners who are travelling from town and who’d enjoy their pets professionally cared for.  Our facilities are run by highly qualified and experienced veterinary employees to ensure your pets find the best care 24 hours per day. Every pet owner dreams of having healthy pets and a dependable veterinary clinic to take care of any emergency conditions.  Our brand promise is that we shall deliver high-quality services to your own pets and ensure they are in good health throughout the year.  Consequently, if you’re interested in finding a health and health partner for all your pets, we are your very best shot.