Topmost Residential Electrical Issues and Their Solutions

Home electricity is not just a matter of convenience but a necessity. But when you are left with electrical problems, your family and property’s safety is at risk. Plus, you are literally left in the dark!

It can be hard to identify electrical problems, especially if you have no background in the field- with different wires running through your entire home and inconsistent electrical performances. One room may light up perfectly while another one has broken switches or other electrical wiring issues. If you’re experiencing electrical wiring issues in your house, you are not alone. Chances are, thousands of others around the world are experiencing them, too.

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Home Electricity: Top Issues and Their Solutions

While qualified electrical contractors have not inspected your electrical issues yet, here are four common electrical problems that you may experience in your house and their solutions:

1. Overloading

If you use bulbs with greater watts than the designed fixture, it’s not just a code violation but also includes an increased risk. The high heat coming from the bulb can lead to the socket and insulation in the fixture’s wires being melted. This will cause sparks from one wire to another, which results in electrical fires. Even after you remove the bulb, the socket and wires are still damaged.

To avoid this issue, it’s always best to fit a bulb or any other fittings by remaining within the wattage. If there’s no marked wattage in the fixture, it’s safe to utilize a 60-watt bulb and even smaller ones.

2. Electrical Surges

This is a common electrical problem in most houses due to poor wirings, damaged power lines, faulty appliances, or lightning strikes. These can last for microseconds but possibly lead to equipment damage that reduces life expectancy if it happens frequently.

You can inspect the device connecting to the home grid or the wiring and consider disconnecting the poor-quality powerboards or devices from the outlet. If the surges don’t occur again, the problem is resolved. If it doesn’t, contact expert electrical contractors immediately.

3. Circuit Breaker Issues

The circuit breaker in your house is the first defense against damage caused by short-circuiting or overload. Its function is to disrupt current flow when a fault is detected. In other words, it tells you if there are electrical issues. When it trips occasionally, it’s serving its purpose in preventing fires and overheating. But if it happens repeatedly, there are bigger issues at hand. In addition, a tripping circuit breaker is not just the issue itself, but it is an indicator of other electrical problems in your home.

Firstly, you should inspect your electrical usage right away. If you’re using numerous large appliances all at once, you may be pushing the current, flowing more than its maximum, causing the tripping. If you believe your chores are the reasons for your breaker to overload, call qualified electrical contractors near you to examine ground faults, signs of bad wirings, and other more complex electrical issues. 

4. Limited or Dead Outlets

Insufficient outlets can lead to overloading of existing outlets causing tripping of circuits. If your home does not have enough outlets to accommodate your needs, you will most likely depend on extension cords, which increases the possibilities of regular surges. If your home has a few outlets, a short-term solution is to utilize durable extension cables or UL-listed surge protectors. This enables you to extend the cord range while waiting for a qualified electrical expert to install new outlets. 

On the other hand, if an outlet quits working, it might be due to faulty electrical wiring or burning. Dead outlets should not be forced to work since this can cause a fire that badly damages your home. When it comes to these problems, it’s advisable to call qualified electricians near you to replace dead outlets.

Getting Help from Certified Electrical Contractors

These are only a couple of the countless common electrical issues homeowners face. Whether it is a circuit breaker or outlet problem, keep in mind that you’re not alone who is experiencing the same issues. Furthermore, it is important to know that when we say “common,” it does not mean they’re “simple.”

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