The Pros of Hiring a Child Support Counsel

If you’re divorced and have children under 18 years old, your children can be entitled to support. The term “child support” is usually used to refer to money paid by one parent to the child financially after a marriage has ended. In specific parenting arrangements, child support can be calculated using a method where one parent pays the other.

It’s not possible to disqualify yourself from paying child support because the courts have ruled that it’s a child’s right. A family law attorney can assist you if you have an unusual parenting arrangement or require assistance in calculating and enforcing child support.

How a Child Support Counsel Can Assist You

Family law is a particular area of law that demands empathy and has a significant emotional impact on the legal procedure. The child’s welfare of a strained marital relationship is a subject of child custody. Therefore, lawyers for child support are accountable for helping clients navigate crucial moments in their lives. These are the advantages of having a lawyer for child support on your side.

1. Calculating child support income

The value of child support is determined by weighing the income of both parties and the parenting arrangement, previously known as custody. Lawyers for child custody often rely on pay stubs and income tax returns to determine one’s annual income.

But, the process of calculating income is significantly more complicated when an individual is self-employed or working for a business. This is why it is essential to consult with a lawyer to ensure that children’s correct level of support is determined to meet the child’s financial needs.

2. Ensure Legally Binding Agreements

Suppose you and your spouse are friends and can agree on your own regarding child custody, decision-making responsibilities, child support, spouse support, and other issues. In this case, you could put your ideas in a separation agreement.

 On the other hand, if one spouse is intimately abusive, a sexual battery lawyer Baton Rouge can help in proving that the abusive spouse is at fault. This is a ground for divorce, separation, or the dissolution of marriage. 

But, each party has to receive independent legal advice in executing a separation agreement. Therefore, it’s recommended to consult with a child custody lawyer to examine the separation agreement and before signing it to ensure its legality undergo a jury selection process if a case ought to be filed.

3. Enforcement in the Event of Non-payment

If one parent is unwilling to provide support, you have several options for enforcing the obligation. First, you must get your child support agreements formally drafted through a court order. A Baton Rouge child support lawyer can assist you in preparing an order that is to be filed with the court. If the other parent does not give the child support obligations after the order is approved and filed, they will be considered to violate the court order.

4. Guide Step-parents

There is a possibility that you will be legally obliged to provide child support if you’re an involved step-parent or take on the role as a parent for the child. In “loco parentis,” Latin for “in the place of a parent,” the courts refer to step-parents and other relatives acting as guardians of the children. It is a fact that biological parents are required to provide child support.

However, step-parents could be deemed liable in the same way in the eyes of courts. An attorney for child custody can help you if you’re considering divorce and would like to determine if you’re considered in the position of parent.

5. Differentiate Parenting Time and Child Custody

The divorce law has changed dramatically regarding parental rights. Mainly, the time spent with parents is now known as child custody. Child support is calculated by the amount of time spent in each parent’s custody.

Child support is a matter of discretion when the parents have equal custody. If there is shared parenting, parties usually settle with the set-off method.